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Companies house directors search or search directors companies house is a complete database of companies registered in Indonesia.


Company House Indonesia compiles data from various sources such as government records, public websites, user contributed information, companies house find a director makes it easily available to anyone around the world.

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Company Status

Companies house check , Get to know whether the company is still active or not.

Classification and Type of Company
Company director search companies house , list of directorships companies house, Purpose and Classification will help you get information about which industries the company works in.
Last Deed's Date
Search at companies house and Get to know whether the company is still active or not.
Current Registered Address
Comapnies house check , company checker companies house , Company’s domicile and who is managing the changes inside the company.

Table With Capital

Companies house adding a director , Complete information on the company’s stakeholders, directors, and commissioner.

Capital Size and Measurement
Find a director companies house , The amount regarding the authorized and measured capital. Includes the price per share information.
Shareholders and List
Companies house shareholders , The list includes the number of shareholders and information about the owner of each share.
Information of Directors and Commissioners
Companies house remove company or remove company from companies house. Remove address from companies house and the list regarding the information about directors and commissioners and their involvement in the company.

Extended History Of The Company

The extended report will help you get a complete overview of the company’s history.

Information on Every Deed Change
A list including information about every change made to the deed.
Information on Each Capital Table
Detailed information on each capital change and vice versa.

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